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La Fantasia ou Jeu de la poudre, le spectacle équestre de cavaliers berbère du Maroc

Fantasia is a traditional Moroccan culture which reflects the performance of the strong relationship between man and horse

The Fantasia consists of a group of riders, dressed in traditional clothing and charging along a straight path at the same speed to form a line, at about two hundred meters all the riders shoot in the sky using an old powder rifle. The difficulty of the performance is synchronization during acceleration especially during shooting so that a single shot is heard. The two words in Arabic which describe the main events of Fantasia are “harrka”, which means “movement” and “barood” meaning “gunpowder”. The Fantasia horse is of Arab or Moroccan type.

The riders move along a straight path at the same speed to form a line, at the end of the journey all the riders shoot in the sky using an old powder rifle called “moukahla”.

Each region of Morocco has one or more groups of fantasia, called serba, totaling thousands of riders throughout the country. The performances generally take place during local, cultural, religious or seasonal festivals, also called mousseum. The Fantasia is best characterized as an event with a team of horses in competition and supplemented by gunfire sounds. Fantasia horses are well trained and cared for stallions and no ordinary working horse is allowed to participate in Fantasia.

This perfect example of traditional Moroccan folklore includes hundreds of male and female riders who wear traditional clothing. You can also discover Fantasia in Marrakech, in the evening outside the city walls near Bab Jdid in July. There is also a restaurant called “Chez Ali” in the palm groves of Marrakech which offers Fantasia, as entertainment, with Berber songs, dances and fireworks while you dine on a traditional miswhi meal .

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